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UNDP is the the United Nations global development network advocating for sustainable development and inclusive economic growth.

In Uganda, we work with the Government and various partners on two key programmatic goals; accountable democratic governance and poverty reduction.These are rooted in the broad thematic areas of Growth and Poverty Reduction, Accountable Democratic Governance, Energy and Environment, Crisis Prevention and Recovery and Strategic Policy Advice

Latest Uganda Report
Uganda National Governance Baseline Survey 2014 Report

The first of its kind in the country, the Uganda National Governance Baseline Survey (NGBS) aimed at generating baseline data on governance indicators. The Survey, produced with UNDP support, comprises information on different themes of Governance, including Human Rights, Access to Justice, Access to Information, Democracy and Decentralization, Political Representation and Participation and, Transparency and Accountability. The findings formed a benchmark for indicators on Governance to inform the National Development Plan (NDPII) launched in June 2015, and which was also supported by UNDP.