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About UNDP in Uganda

Although UNDP has been in Uganda for over almost 50 years, its formal relationship with the Government of Uganda began with the signing of the Standard Basic Assistance Agreement. This agreement, which was signed on 29 April 1977, defines 'the basic conditions under which UNDP and its executing agencies shall provide assistance to the government in carrying out its projects, and under which the projects shall be undertaken'.

The basic agreement notes in particular that any assistance should be furnished and received in accordance with the relevant and applicable resolutions and decisions of the competent UNDP organs and subject to the availability of the necessary funds to the UNDP.

The Resident Representative in the country has full responsibility and ultimate authority on behalf of the UNDP Administrator for the programme in all its activities in the country. This includes full accountability and compliance with existing audit requirements.

As Uganda's partner of choice for development knowledge sharing, building and strengthening national capacities, UNDP continues to ensure that the achievement of the new global Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) remains a key item on the national agenda. .  

The UNDP Uganda Country Office is comprised of a Programme team which carries out activities identified in the current Country Programme Document. The implementation of these activities is made possible though the support and facilitation of an Operations team.

Although priorities have evolved over the years, UNDP's commitment to Uganda continues to be to empower lives and build a resilient nation.

Our Accomplishments

Since 1977, our focus has been on building the skills and expertise of the Uganda government, civil society, academic institutions, and ordinary citizens and to develop better policies, improve development and economic planning and improve delivery of better services to reduce social and economic inequality and empower the people of Uganda.

We aim to develop and sustain strategic partnerships that provide innovative grassroots driven solutions that empower Ugandans and increase resilience at the individual, community, and national level.

The UNDP Country office is currently starting a new country programme which will run for five years ( 2016-2020). In this country programme, we shall be partnering with various Government, Civil Society as well as Development Partners to support Uganda's efforts achieve lower middle income status by 2030.   The new country programme will countribute to Uganda’s development through two key portfolios;  

i) The Sustainable Inclusive Economic Development (SIED) portfolio and;  

ii) The Inclusive and Effective Governance (IEG) portfolio

Gender equality and women's empowerment remains a key crosscutting issue in UNDP Uganda's work.  


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