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UNDP and the UN

UNDP plays a significant co-ordination role for the UN’s activities in the field of development. The UNDP Resident Representative also doubles as the Resident Coordinator (RC) and the UN Coordination is mainly executed through her office.

The RC  heads the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) which is  made up of the different agency heads and ensures interagency coordination as well as decision making at the country level.

The main purpose of the UNCT is for individual agencies to plan and work together, as part of the Resident Coordinator system, to ensure the delivery of tangible results in support of the Government's development agenda. The UNCT meets once every month and makes decisions through a consultative process.

As the agency that houses and supports the Resident Coordinator system, UNDP believes strongly in making the UN in Uganda a more relevant, responsive and results-oriented organisation, particularly through the Delivering as One (DaO) initiative.

The Resident Coordinator’s office has been promoting the Delivering as One initiative through encouraging various agencies to work together and meet more often to share ideas through Town hall meetings and an SMS platform system to discuss how the UN can work as one.

One of the areas UNDP provides supports to UNCT as a lead agency is the overall management and coordination of common services for some UN agencies.

UN agencies in the country

The UN Agencies in Uganda include; 

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