Women are key to the resilience of our people and our planet

Climate change will have unique and unprecedented impacts on women and girls everywhere. As we look at new, innovative ways to empower women as key agents of change, it’s essential we take…  

Investing in Human Development is key

Since 1990, UNDP has prepared the Global Human Development Report (HDR) as one of its most important knowledge products.  

A universal journey to sustain peace

“We the people of the United Nations determined to save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war which twice in our lifetime time has brought untold sorrow to mankind …. and to these ends to…  

International Democracy Day 2018: Democracy a continuous process of learning

Since 2007, 15th September of each year is commemorated globally as the International Day of Democracy. This day provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the positive values of democracy and their…  

Harnessing nature and strengthening food security in Karamoja

May 18th 2018, is going to be remembered as an important date for communities in Karamoja, Uganda’s North Eastern region and their struggle to overcome the negative impact of climate change on their…  

UNDP’s 2016 Global Human Development Report offers Uganda Opportunity to Reflect on the Social Sector

On March 21st 2017, UNDP launched the 2016 Global Human Development Report (HDR), prepared under the theme: “human development for all”, in Stockholm.  

World Meteorology Day: Understanding clouds and their importance in the climate change era

Today is World Meteorology Day. This day provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our impact on weather behavior and to improve our understanding of climate.  

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