National Local Government Capacity Building Policy (revised)

11 Jun 2014

Report Summary

The Ministry of Local Government with support of the development partners developed the national local government capacity building policy (NLGCBP) in 2005 to harmonise capacity building interventions and initiatives for local governments. The NLGCBP provided the framework in which both elected and appointed officials of the local governments received trainings and acquired skills. The policy covered a wide range of aspects of capacity building activities which were geared towards improving performance in service delivery and poverty reduction. The policy also set institutional structures for co-ordination and harmonisation of capacity building initiatives.


During the last seven years of NLGCBP implementation several achievements were registered including; the establishment of the local capacity building unit in Ministry of Local Government; capacity building working group was established; human resource management units were revamped in local governments; development of capacity building plans for districts/municipal councils provided to mention a few.


Notwithstanding the achievements registered over the seven years of implementation of the NLGCBP, there are still some capacity challenges facing local governments in Uganda for instance inability of Local Governments to adequately fill their staffing structures/establishments, attraction and retention of staff, trained staff being appointed to central government positions, failure by line ministries e.g. health, water, agriculture to decentralise capacity building grants to Local Governments. Therefore, the revised NLGCP aims at enhancing the human and institutional capacity of Local Governments for improved service delivery.

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