National Local Government Capacity Building Policy

01 Jan 2013

Report Summary

This policy looks at capacity building in a broader and holistic sense encompassing all the factors that have a bearing on the performance of Local Governments as institutions and its stakeholders. In conformity with the Public Service Training Policy, the National Local Government Capacity Building Policy supports and follows the following principles;


a) An integrated approach to LG capacity building, incorporating the important elements of both demand and supply driven capacity building

b) Well planned, rather than ad-hoc training and capacity building activities

c) Addressing a balanced mix of individual and institutional needs

d) A balanced mix of qualifications and job performance; and

e) A balanced mix of theory and practice


It therefore aims at addressing all the factors that affect performance of local governments including among others; working environment, availability of resources, availability of tools and equipment, staffing, work ethics, management systems and procedures on top of enhancing the knowledge and skills of existing human resources.

Report Highlights

  • The NLGCBP provides the framework in which both elected and appointed officials of the Local Government receive trainings and acquire skills.
  • The National Local Government Capacity Building Policy aims at enhancing the human and institutional capacity of Local Governments for improved service delivery through increased harmonisation, coordination and management of capacity building activities in Local Governments.
  • Emphasizes the mandates of different ministries

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