TESO: SOROTI District; Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Profile

18 Nov 2014

Report Summary

This Soroti District Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Profile integrates scientific information provided by Government of Uganda agencies and hazard and vulnerability knowledge provided by communities on the district base map to contribute to a Ugandan atlas of disaster risk. It will support planning and decision-making processes to manage disaster risk in the district. The information contained in this District Hazard, Risk, and Vulnerability Profile will guide the adoption of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) measures in the district and inform the development of the district’s contingency and development plans.

The report findings identified 9 hazards endemic in the District, in decreasing order of risk: floods, winds, hailstorms and lightning, pest infestation, crop and animal diseases, drought, land conflict, environmental degradation, vermin, and mines and unexploded ordinance.

This is part of UNDP’s support to the Government of Uganda to strengthen its capacity in Disaster Risk Management and to be prepared to respond to any likely disasters that may occur, particularly those related to the climate.

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