Uganda Human Development Report (HDR) 2015

16 Dec 2015

The 8th edition of the UNDP Uganda Human Development Report (HDR), focuses on the Northern Uganda region.


It looks at the efforts of Government and development actors in unlocking the economic potential of the region in terms of economic growth attained and whether this growth has led to substantial improvements in the well-being of the people, irrespective of social class and other identities. The theme builds on a lot of work and interventions that have been undertaken Northern Uganda, to place it on a sustainable path to recovery.


The report examines across disciplines, the human development conditions in the PRDP region and proposes practical recommendations on how to move beyond recovery and secure sustainable human development. It calls for a change in the structure of the northern economy to transition from low value-added activities to higher value-added industrial activities to maximize gains from local economic activity and support generation of good jobs.


It also calls for a paradigm shift, to enhance human capabilities and enlarge people’s choices. To do this, it highlights that action in catalytic areas is needed – from investing in transformational infrastructure and sustainable food systems, to increasing productivity of smallholder farmers, advancing social justice, empowering and engaging youth and women productively and in decision making, in addition to building resilience to economic and climatic shocks.  


Developing the extractive sector is also identified as a potential key driver for economic growth and human development in this report.

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