Millennium Development Goals Report for Uganda 2010

01 Jan 2013

Report Summary

The 3rd Millennium Development Goals report (2010) for Uganda shows that the country has made important progress towards many of the MDG targets. Progress has been made particularly on goal 1, which focuses on halving the number of people who live in poverty and hunger by 2015.

The 2010 report also shows that that progress has been made in terms of gender equality and empowerment of women with the target of gender parity between boys and girls in primary education being achieved.  

The report also addresses issues like goal 5 on maternal health which needs a lot of attention and acceleration by both Government and its development partner.

The report’s main aim is to provide a credible and realistic assessment of the progress with a view of stimulating change and galvanising action in key areas where progress had been slow.

Report Highlights

  • • Key progress made on Goal on poverty and hunger and goal 6, on HIV/AIDs
  • • The Country has also made great strides in achieving goal 2 on providing Universal Primary education
  • • The MDGs acceleration framework to fast track the goals that have been slow in progress (e.g. MDG 5; Maternal Mortality)

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