Enabling environment for sustainable land management (SLM) to overcome land degradation in the cattle corridor of Uganda project

What is the project about

 Farmers in the cattle corridor are being taught how to use conservation agricultural practises which protect their land from soil erosion and fertility loss. (UNDP Uganda/Matthias Mugisha 2013)

To address the worsening conditions of land resources in the rangelands, UNDP supported Government of Uganda overcome land degradation in the cattle corridor. This project's overall goal was to enhance sustainable land management providing the basis for economic development, food security and sustainable livelihoods while restoring the ecological integrity of the Cattle Corridor ecosystem.

The objective of the project was to provide land users and managers with the enabling policy, institutional and capacity environment for effective adoption of SLM within the complexity of the cattle corridor production system.

This was achieved through:

  • Strengthening the policy, regulatory and institutional environment support sustainable land management in the cattle corridor (in particular policy and legislation for sustainable charcoal and the security of tenure strengthened),
  • Developing and utilizing knowledge based land use planning forms basis for improving dry lands farming and pastoralism for sustainable economic development,
  • Facilitating local economic development facilitated through diversification and access to finance and insurance. 

The project was implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries focusing on 2 districts of Nakasongola and Kamuli in the cattle corridor of Uganda.

What have we accomplished so far

The project accomplishments include;

  • Five policies relating to institutional and regulatory arrangements for sustainable charcoal have been reviewed and a Policy brief on policy framework for charcoal prepared and presented to energy sector policy makers to guide revision of existing policies.
  • Fifteen charcoal producer associations have established constitutions stipulating rules and regulations for managing charcoal production and marketing processes and they are actively enforcing them amongst themselves as part of efforts to control cutting down of trees.

Who Finances it?

A Global Environment Facility (GEF) funded project worth a total of US$ 4,230,730 including US$ 1,830,730 from GEF and US$ 2,200,000 co-financing partly from the Government of Norway through UNDP Dry lands Development Centre and UNDP core resources, the extra USD 200,000 was from Government of Uganda.The project started in 2010 and ended 2013.

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