Crisis Prevention and Recovery

  • The Northern Uganda Project

    With funding support from the UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention & Recovery (BCPR), this project focuses on Local Development and Social Cohesion in Northern Uganda, building on past UNDP interventions; it aims at contributing to the social and economic stabilisation of the region.more 

  • Strengthening Capacities for Disaster Risk Management and Resilience Building project

    This project is going to contribute to strengthening national Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) institutions through improved sector coordination. Its main goal will be to see that DRR is included in national and sector specific policies and projects and also improve the different communities’ readiness to deal with disasters.more 

  • Poverty Reduction for former IDPS and Communities affected by conflict and drought

    This project will look at improving agriculture productivity also in the Northern Uganda area with particular emphasis on value addition. It will also work with the communities to continue peace building and conflict resolution activities which had been started on in previous projects.more 

  • Closed Projects

    The Northern Uganda Early Recovery Project (NUERP) This project was jointly implemented with other UN agencies. It main goal was to support quick and self-sustainable recovery of the conflict-affected returning population in Lango sub-region, through an integrated Service delivery and community based approach within the Peace Recovery Development Plan and the National Development Plan framework of the Government of Uganda.more 

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