Closed Projects

The Northern Uganda Early Recovery Project (NUERP)

Distribution of agricultural inputs such as ox ploughs, oxen, and seedlings among others was part and parcel of UNDP's project interventions to enable quick recovery in the war affected region of Northern Uganda (UNDP Uganda/2012)

This project was jointly implemented with other UN agencies. It main goal was to support  quick and self-sustainable recovery of the conflict-affected returning population in Lango sub-region, through an integrated Service delivery and community based approach within the Peace Recovery Development Plan and the National Development Plan framework of the Government of Uganda.

Building sustainable peace in Karamoja

In Karamoja, UNDP Uganda has also contributed towards the implementation of the Karamoja Integrated Disarmament and Development Program (KIDDP) and the Peace Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) for Northern Uganda.

The United Nations Peace building Programme

This Joint UN Programme was aimed at supporting the economic recovery and diversify livelihoods through reducing economic disparity, increasing market access and income generation to ensure self-sustaining peace and reintegration of Northern Uganda into the national economy. Enforcement of justice, law and order systems were also a key goal for the peace building programme.

Strengthening recovery, reconciliation, peace building and development in Northern Uganda.

Community Based Mines risk education for at risk communities in Northern Uganda.

Project Key Results

The projects delivered key results and these include;

  1. Under the Northern Uganda Early Recovery Project (NUERP), 6000 farmer households in Lira, Oyam, Otuke and Alebtong districts have received seeds and cassava to boost food production to take care of family needs.
  2. 182 households were trained on how to operate village savings and loan associations, with cumulative savings obtained from 60 groups amounting to Shs47 million (Approximately:17,000US$).
  3. 300 farmer groups (6,000 households) in Lango have received seeds and cassava cuttings to increase agricultural production and incomes while some 90 Village Savings and Loans Associations have been supported to provide affordable credit to the poor.
  4. In Lango Sub-region, 500 “peace bikes” have been provided to help women and men fight sexual and violent conflict in communities.
  5. Across Acholi and Lango, alternative justice forums such as Peace rings and Barazas (meetings) are helping communities resolve disputes amicably and in the delivery of justice.
  6. In Karamoja, we constructed a $34,000 (Approximatly Ug Shs 90 million) dam with the support of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces. This dam now provides pastoralists with water for their livestocks and domestic use, helping to curb violent conflicts arising from cattle rustling.
  7. 8,433 youth have been trained in business and entrepreneurship in Gulu, Kitgum, Lamwo, Agago, Pader, Nwoya and Mauru with the support of the UN Peace Building Programme (PBF). Of these, 3,576 were female, most of them from poor and vulnerable
Project Overview
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Project Officer:
Francesca Akello