Environment & Energy

SWITCH Africa Green: Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic development

Achieving sustainable development requires adoption of consumption and production patterns that protect and conserve the environment and other natural resources, while also generating growth, creating decent jobs and reducing poverty. more

The Green Charcoal Project - Addressing Barriers to Adoption of Improved Charcoal Production Technologies and Sustainable Land Management Practices through an Integrated Approach

The entire charcoal value chain in Uganda is characterised with inefficient systems that lead to degradation of forests and a high level of biomass loss, which means that despite cutting down a lot of trees to make charcoal, the amounts made are still too little to satisfy the market needs. more

The Kidepo Critical Landscape Project

The Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Threatened Savanna Woodland in the Kidepo Critical Landscape in North Eastern Uganda project seeks to strengthen protected area management within a landscape of 655,700 ha of savanna woodland. more

Enhancing Adaptation to Climate Smart Agriculture Practices in the farming systems of Uganda

Agriculture has to address three intertwined challenges; ensuring food security through increased productivity and income, adapting to climate change and contributing to climate change mitigation. It is precisely for this reason that this project was developed as a way forward for food security in a changing climate environment. more

Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems for Climate Resilient Development and Adaptation to Climate Change in Uganda

Uganda is particularly vulnerable to the increasing frequency and severe droughts, floods and severe storms and their impacts on sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, as well as infrastructure. more

Enabling environment for sustainable land management (SLM) to overcome land degradation in the cattle corridor of Uganda project

The project has an overall goal to enhance Sustainable land management that provides the basis for economic development, food security and sustainable livelihoods while restoring the ecological integrity of the Cattle Corridor ecosystem. more

Improving policies and strategies for sustainable environment, natural resources and climate risk management project

This project aims to contribute to strengthening of national capacity for policy implementation through review and/ or development of policies and strategies for environment natural resources (ENR) and climate risk management (CRM) polices and strategies. more

Ecosystem Based Adaptation Programme for Mountain Ecosystems

The objective of this programme is to reduce the vulnerability of Uganda to Climate change impacts through piloting Ecosystem Based Adaptation options with particular emphasis on Mountain Elgon ecosystems. more

Strengthening Sustainable Environment and Natural Resource Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Uganda project

This project is aimed at strengthening efforts of Government of Uganda by enhancing sustainable conservation and utilization of natural resources and climate change adaptation and mitigation, strengthen the capacities of institutions (government and Civil Society Organisations) to undertake sustainable environment and natural resources actions aimed at; more

The Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) Project for Uganda

The Government of Uganda, through the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE)’s Climate Change Unit (CCU), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is delivering the Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) Project for Uganda. more


Uganda’s National Development Plan 2010/2015 recognises the importance of adopting sustainable patterns of living that meet the needs of the present without compromising those of future generations. UNDP is collaborating with Government and other stakeholders to reduce land degradation, conserve biodiversity, minimise and adapt to climate change, and, promote safe use of chemicals and chemical waste.