Upcoming projects

Building drought resilient Dryland Communities in the Horn of Africa Project

The overall objective of this project is to reduce drought disaster risks and improve human  livelihoods in the affected communities in Uganda.It will be implemented under the framework of the UNDP intergrated Drylands Development Programme and funded to a tune of USD 674409.75 by the European Commission Project.

Addressing barriers to the adoption of improved charcoal production technologies and related sustainable land management practices through an integrated approach project

The project has an overall objective to secure multiple environmental benefits by addressing the twin challenges of unsustainable utilisation of biomass for fuel wood (including charcoal) and poor land management practices common in Uganda’s Woodlands via technology transfer.

Specifically it will focus on enhancement of the national policy framework; and promotion of SLM and SFM practices through 3 outputs;

  • Enhancement and harmonization of policy frameworks supporting sustainable charcoal production and certification,
  • Establishment of incentives for sustainable charcoal production and SLM,
  • Capacity of key stakeholders strengthened

The total project total budget is US$ 8,000,000 out of which US$ 3,600,000 is to be funded from the Climate Change Mitigation and Land Degradation Focal Areas of GEF 5 STAR and US$ 8,000,000 co-funded by Government, FAO among others partners for duration of 5 years from 2012 to 2016.

The Joint UNDP-UNCDF Cleanstart initiative

THe Cleanstart initiative is aimed at supporting 2.5 million poor people in 6 countries including Uganda access clean energy through microfinance. It also seeks to build end-user confidence in the reliability of technologies chosen for lending by strengthening supply chains.

Projects Overview
Focus Area
Energy & Environment
Project Officer
Onesimus Muhwezi