Promoting research and analysis on MDGs

What is the project about

 The National Post 2015 consultations held together with the Parliament of Uganda. UNDP Uganda is spearheading together with various government agencies, efforts for the Post 2015 national consultations. These consultations which will give a picture of the next development agenda after the MDG end date of 2015,

In an effort to bring light to the situation of the MDGs at the local level, SPU is currently in the process of producing the next 2013 Uganda national MDG progress report, which will shed light on the status of the MDGs in the country and also present Uganda’s position on the Post 2015 new international development agenda debate.

It is also working in partnership with UN-DESA and the Ugandan Ministry of Finance to adapt to the Ugandan context of the MAMS (Maquette for MDG Simulations) model, an economy-wide modelling framework centred on MDG analysis and simulations. This model will provide the Government and Ugandan researchers with a powerful analytical tool with which to better understand the status of the MDGs in the country, and gain in-depth knowledge of the main drivers of development and socioeconomic transformation that impinge on the achievement of the MDGs in Uganda

What have we accomplished so far

The 2013 Uganda National MDG progress report will be published in the last quarter of the year, while consultations on Post 2015 have been going on with various Government Ministries and Agencies, Civil Society Organisations and development partners.

Who Finances it?

The Project is financed by UNDP through its core funding.

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