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UNDP in Uganda is committed to supporting the Government  to reduce poverty levels and achieve its development goals. UNDP contributes to Uganda’s development through two key programmatic goals, accountable democratic governance and poverty reduction. Areas of HIV/AIDS and Women's Empowerment are cross cutting although projects specific to them fall under the democratic governance.

The two key programmatic areas are rooted in the broad thematic areas of;

Inclusive and Effective Governance Programme

Our programmes and projects

Sustainable, Inclusive Economic Development

Our programmes and projects

Strategic Policy Advice

Our programmes and projects
  • Promoting research and analysis on MDGs

    In an effort to bring light to the situation of the MDGs at the local level, SPU is currently in the process of producing the next 2013 Uganda national MDG progress report, which will shed light on the status of the MDGs in the country and also present Uganda’s position on the Post 2015 new international development agenda debate.

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