Poverty Reduction

The Development of Inclusive Markets in Agriculture and Trade (DIMAT) Project

The Development of Inclusive Markets in Agriculture and Trade (DIMAT) project is aimed at creating market access and improving the value of agricultural produce – core to Uganda’s Agricultural Development Strategy and Investment Plan 2010/2015 which envisions shifting agricultural production from the confines of subsistence farming into commercialised mode, as a way of helping some of the poorest communities create income-generating activity. more

The Development of Inclusive Markets in Tourism

The importance of tourism to Uganda’s economic growth speaks for itself in the increasing number of visiting tourists every year, and, the rise in expenditure by foreign tourists in the country. The Development of Inclusive Markets in Tourism project aims not only to boost this growth but also increase the participation of poor and rural communities in tourism related income-generating. more

Improving Policies and Regulations to Support Development of Markets in Tourism

Tourism has become a key sector for Uganda’s economic growth especially as the number of visitors to the country and their expenditure while here increases. more


The goal of Uganda’s National Development Plan 2010-2015 is to transform the country to a middle income economy over the next 30 years. Central to that plan is ensuring that the poorest and most vulnerable are empowered to participate in and benefit from growth. UNDP’s Growth and Poverty Reduction programme is designed to do just that -  spur innovative pro -poor economic policies particularly in sectors where the poor are most likely to benefit.