Promoting Civic and Political Participation of Women and Youth in the Informal Sector

What is the project about

A Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) group in Lango. Many women and youths have been able to get start-up capital to initiate businesses and improve their livelihoods and their communities (UNDP Uganda/2012)

This project is focusing on promoting awareness about civic and political rights under the multiparty dispensations, especially among the youth and women.  

UNDP is working with the Platform for Labour Action (PLA), to implement the project, in collaboration with local governments to teach women and young people what their political rights and civic duties are. This is in addition to encouraging young people and women to stand up and assume positions of leadership.

This mobilisation is done through community awareness meetings, distribution of education and communication materials through communities, peer education and interactive radio talk shows. The project is covering five districts: Iganga, Bugiri, Lakiro, Amolatar and Dokolo.

What have we accomplished so far

So far, the project has;

  • Supported the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development to put in place policies for poverty eradication through equitable development communities.
  • Trained women in business skills with specific focus on entrepreneurship, business planning, marketing and pricing and capacity building for micro finance institutions.
  • Created general entrepreneurship awareness and skills for small and medium enterprises owned by women.

Who Finances it?

Project Overview
Project start date:
Estimated end date:
Geographic coverage:
Eastern & Northern Uganda
Focus Area:
Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment
Project officer:
Annet Mpabulungi-Wakabi
Government of Uganda, Platform for Labour Action