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Through the Inclusive, Effective Governance programme, UNDP will support national peace platforms such as The Elders Forum of Uganda (TEFU) which was launched recently and comprises of eminent elders from across the country - to become institutionalised mechanisms for political dialogue and consensus building in the country (Photo credit: UNDPUganda2015).

The UNDP Inclusive, Effective Governance programme focus will be on developing national capacities in three key areas. These include;

The rule of law:  In this area, UNDP will focus on upstream support to targeted justice, law and order sector institutions in order to enhance service delivery and equitable access in line with human rights standards. At a lower level, support will provide increased access to legal aid and justice for poor and vulnerable groups, especially the elderly; HIV & AIDS infected and affected persons; youth; and female-headed households.

Support to constitutional democracy, transparency and accountability: UNDP will focus efforts on strengthening democratic institutions to improve the electoral cycle.

Focus will also be on strengthening civil society participation, including promoting women’s participation in political leadership and supporting the national peace platforms to become institutionalised mechanisms for political dialogue and consensus building.

UNDP will also support efforts towards leadership development support to legislative, accountability and public sector management institutions. This is intended to strengthen negotiation, standardisation, integrity, oversight, transparency, and accountability, particularly in the extractives and infrastructure sectors.  Additionally, UNDP will support civil society and media engagement so as to enhance public demand for accountability.

Peace, security and system resilience: In this area, UNDP will support innovative formal and informal community security and peacebuilding mechanisms to promote social cohesion. Working in partnership with other UN agencies, our work in this areas will focus on cross-border peace and resilience system-building initiatives to leverage peace dividends for communities particularly those in Northern Uganda.

This will include leveraging cross border initiatives such as the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)’s Horn of Africa initiative particularly in Karamoja. Key in this area will be to ensure that the voice and participation of women, youth and the elderly is strengthened.