Environment and Energy

Uganda’s National Development Plan 2010/2015 recognises the importance of adopting sustainable patterns of living that meet the needs of the present without compromising those of future generations. UNDP is collaborating with Government and other stakeholders to reduce land degradation, conserve biodiversity, minimise and adapt to climate change, and, promote safe use of chemicals and chemical waste.

Our Goals

We are supporting the sustainable and renewable use of resources, helping conserve the various forms of biodiversity as well as help national and sub-national policy makers to integrate environment issues into their plans, policies and programmes.more

Supporting renewable and sustainable energy access

The Bujagali Dam (pictured), a 250-megawatt power-generating facility, is Uganda's first private hydroelectric power project. Following Uganda's selection as one of the sustainable energy for all (SE4All) fast mover countries, UNDP is supporting the government of Uganda to develop a country support project to facilitate stakeholder coordination and mobilisation, technical assistance towards energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy; and strengthening accountability, monitoring and reporting (Photo: UNDP Uganda)

Projects and Initiatives

SWITCH Africa Green: Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic development

Achieving sustainable development requires adoption of consumption and production patterns that protect and conserve the environment and other natural resources, while also generating growth, creating decent jobs and reducing poverty. more

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