Strategic Policy Advice

The Strategy and Policy Advice Unit (SPU) gives advice on implications of Government’s socioeconomic policies. It provides information of the challenges Uganda faces in eradicating poverty and attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It identifies strategies that contribute to inclusive growth and sustainable human development. It supports Government and the UN national team’s efforts to improve aid coordination and effectiveness. The Policy Unit collaborates with Government, the academia, research committees, civil society and other development partners in its work.

Our Goals

We support capacity development initiatives of government, local government, civil society organizations, academia and other institutions and other stakeholders through advocacy, policy advisory and implementation services.more

Putting people at the centre of human development

Every two years, UNDP in Uganda produces a National Human Development Report (NHDR) that serves as an important reference material on emerging and substantive development issues in the country. It also launches and disseminates the Global Human Development Report to partners and the public (Photo: UNDP Uganda/2013)

Our Stories

  • Agriculture is the mainstay of Uganda's economy and employs the highest number of people, particularly women. (Photo: UNDP Uganda)

    Rediscovering agriculture for human development

    Kabarole - The National Human Development Report and the Millennium Development Goals Progress reports have been launched at a workshop in Kabarole district. The National Developmentmore

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  • Promoting the teaching of Human Development (HD) paradigm in the education curriculum is key to addressing some of the impediments to the achievement of the MDGs (Photo by UNDP Uganda)

    Infusing the Human Development Paradigm in Education

    UNDP is promoting the teaching of the Human Development (HD) paradigm through introduction of a course in some universities in the country. This is creating amore

Projects and Initiatives

Promoting research and analysis on MDGs

In an effort to bring light to the situation of the MDGs at the local level, SPU is currently in the process of producing the next 2013 Uganda national MDG progress report, which will shed light on the status of the MDGs in the country and also present Uganda’s position on the Post 2015 new international development agenda debate. more

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