Rediscovering agriculture for human development

 Agriculture critical to achieving MDGs
Agriculture is the mainstay of Uganda's economy and employs the highest number of people, particularly women. (Photo: UNDP Uganda)

Kabarole - The National Human Development Report and the Millennium Development Goals Progress reports have been launched at a workshop in Kabarole district.

The National Development Report, entitled, ‘Rediscovering Agriculture for Human Development’, will be disseminated in all four regions of Uganda: North, South, Central and East. Kabarole, which is in South Western Uganda, kicked off the dissemination series.

Key Highlights

  • Over 60 percent of ganda’s population is employed in or directly dependent on agriculture.
  • National Development Report, entitled, ‘Rediscovering Agriculture for Human Development’ launched.

The dissemination exercise is intended to bring the findings of the report to the lower governance levels so that local governments can uptake its recommendations and use them for district planning.

The workshops bring together LC5 chairpersons, Chief Administrative Officers, District Planners, and Directors of Health Services, Directors of Production, Community Development Officers, and representatives from civil society.

 Eighty percent of Uganda’s population is employed in or directly dependent on agriculture. There is therefore need, according to UNDP Resident Representative, Theophane Nikyema, for government and all development actors to focus on agricultural productivity in the country as a way of tackling poverty and improving human development.

 He said, “Over 80 percent of Uganda’s population derives their livelihood from agriculture… if a majority of these poor people depend on agriculture, one sure way to improve their lot is to help them in creating wealth by improving their agricultural productivity. Once their output is increased, then they are sure of food (food security). It also means they have some surplus to sell to earn money to afford other life necessities.”

Kabarole district LC5 Chairperson, Mr Michael Mugisa, said local governments should not just provide public goods but create enabling environments where people can create wealth and therefore reduce poverty.

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