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Small Grants Changing Lives: Wetland conservation of Makanaga birds' paradise changes a community

For James Ojowi, the vast Makanaga wetland in Bussi Islands, Wakiso district, was just another vast swathe of fertile land for agriculture. Every year, the 37-year-old farmer would plant cassava, potatoes, bananas, and vegetables to feed his family and to sell in the market to cater to other needs. more


Fighting poverty, one sweater at a time

Suzan Ezatia, a retired teacher, runs a successful small enterprise in Nvara ward, Arua Municipality. Together with her partner, John Ondoma, also a retired teacher, the two decided to form Friends Cottage Industry, a sewing company, in 2002. Susan, who acts as the production manager, devotes all hemore


Increasing smallholder farmers' incomes through value addition

The early morning sun is unforgiving. But Bosco Oryem Owiny doesn’t seem to mind the heat. He is in the gardens ploughing away with his cow. As he works the machines, pushing the animal forward, sweat beads freely drip down his face.  Oryem is a rice farmer and a member of Awere Farmers Marketimore