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  • Bio-gas: Using cleaner renewable energy to protect the environment

    It is scorching hot in Kabarongo village, deep in the green valleys of Lyatonde district. Grace Kyomugasho, a widow aged 67 years, sits on the veranda of her house. She is a local farmer here. She looks after cattle and owns banana, fruit and vegetable plantations. She has two grown children and several dependants. She lost her husband in 1970 and has since been the sole bread winner for her family.

  • Modern conservation helps farmers prosper in the drylands

    In the Lyantonde district of Uganda, farmer David Muhoozi Kiseetula is seeing big changes in his harvest – and his life – after his farmers’ cooperative received a grant for education and instruction on new farming methods.

  • Promoting eco-tourism to fight environmental degradation

    Bigodi is one of many villages in Kamwenge district that have an enormous wetland. With its variety of wildlife comprising eight primate species and more than 200 bird species, this wetland is an eco-tourism goldmine not just for the local community but for Uganda.

  • Increasing incomes for rural women through better land management

    When Miriam Karooma’s husband passed away in the early months of 2003, she was worried she wouldn’t be able to take care for their seven children.

  • Community Revolving Fund promotes rural enterprise development and environmental protection

    Sironko - Rose Nangoli’s herbal jelly has become popular in her village of Bukabombwe, Sironko district. Made from locally sourced materials such as avocado & aloe Vera that grow with ease in the Elgon ranges, Nangoli’s jelly is inexpensive and easily accessible to the villagers to who she delivers it to.

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