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A Widow’s right to matrimonial property

When Justine Badaru a 38 year old,  resident of Kijogoro Parish, Miirya Sub County, Masindi district lost her husband to an HIV/AIDs-related illness, she was left with no independent source of livelihood. Illiterate and HIV positive herself, the mother of four was looking at a bleak future as amore


A daughter's right to property

Thirteen year-old Barbara Apire lives in Boroboro village, Adekokwok sub-county, in Lira district, Northern Uganda. Barbara’s mother died of Aids-related illnesses when she was 12, leaving her in the care of an aunt. Before she died, Barbara’s mother was running a successful grain business in BoroBomore


Empowering women to improve livelihoods

Six years ago, Rosemary Arenger, 28 was in bad shape.“I was a drunkard and too poor to help myself and my family. My husband was a cattle rustler. He never lived with us very much as he was always away from home on raiding trips. He was very violent and very often beat me up. We could not pay for oumore


Equipping girls with vocational skills to increase their access to decent employment

Abim - Julian Aila is a determined and hardworking 18-year old from Morulem Village in Abim district in Karamoja. Dropping out of school just before sitting her Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) did not stop her from dreaming of becoming a teacher one day.  The last born in a family, Julian mimore


Increasing incomes for rural women through better land management

When Miriam Karooma’s husband passed away in the early months of 2003, she was worried she wouldn’t be able to take care for their seven children. Lucky for her, he had left her a square mile of land, and a few head of cattle to fend for her family. However, having been a full time house wife for thmore


Value Chains: Supporting inclusive markets in agriculture and trade to improve lives of farmers in Uganda

GULU - Grace Lawilu wakes up at cockcrow every day and heads to the garden to plant seeds, dig out weeds or harvest. Vokogali, her home village, is 55 kilometres from Gulu town, in Northern Uganda, and is close to Nimule on the border with South Sudan. Scattered homesteads made up of mud and wattlemore

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