A film for Northern Uganda


As part of activities to mark the UN Month, UNDP Uganda together with the Office of the Prime Minister will host the official screening of the film for Northern Uganda. The screening will be held on Thursday, 20th October 2016 at Century Cinema in Kampala. Please find the full length film here.   

About the film


For the last ten years, Northern Uganda has been on a steady path of recovery from the two decades of insurgency meted upon the region by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). During these ten years since the guns fell silent, the people have resettled in their homes and the region is on a sustainable path to development. It is for this reason that the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) working with the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) commissioned Initiatives of Change (IofC), a filming company from the United Kingdom to shoot this 45 minute documentary film. 


The overall objective of producing the film is to showcase the transformation story of Northern Uganda specifically highlighting the potential of the region and the resilience its people have after LRA insurgency while building on the aspiration of the nation as described in Vision 2040.

Mainly shot in the Acholi & Lango sub-regions where the highest intensity of the LRA rebellion was felt, the film focuses on the government, private sector, development partners as well as the local peoples’ investments which have contributed to the transformation of the region. It also highlights the business opportunities and tourism sites to increase tourist numbers as well as potential investments into the region.

Intended results

It is hoped that this film will portray Northern Uganda in a new light and attract new investment in the key sectors of agriculture, mining and infrastructural development as emphasized in the Uganda Human Development Report 2015 whose theme focused on; ‘Unlocking the Development Potential of Northern Uganda.’



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Doreen Kansiime,

Communications Assistant,

UNDP Uganda



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Team Leader, Peace Security and System Resilience,

UNDP Uganda


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