Opening remarks by Ms Almaz Gebru, UNDP Country Director at second National Development Plan consultation meeting with Development Partners

Jul 10, 2014

Representatives from the National Planning Authority,

Development Partners present,

Colleagues from the UN,

The team of Consultants undertaking the Analytical Study on the role of the non -state Actors in the Implementation of the National Development Plan 2,

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen.


I am glad to see you here this afternoon, at this important consultative meeting that is geared towards ensuring that the second National Development Plan (NDP) will be delivered through partnerships in a collaborative, coordinated and complimentary manner.

As you will recall, the first NDP highlighted the importance of partnerships within the context of the national development planning and implementation. The Uganda Partnership Policy, which was proposed in the first NDP, has since been endorsed by Government, and today’s meeting will be an important step in taking forward the Policy within the context of national planning and implementation of the NDP.

As the Country prepares for the second NDP, it is pertinent that the lessons and experiences arising from the preparation and implementation of the ongoing NDP are taken into consideration.

The Mid Term Review of the current NDP noted that development assistance has largely been aligned with the NDP objectives and targets. Development partners have specifically contributed to important progress made with implementation of sector investment plans through financial support to key interventions and through technical assistance programmes. In this sense, development assistance has continued to help underpin the implementation of the national development agenda. 

On the other hand, the Mid Term Review also observed that although the Development Partners in Uganda indicate strong alignment with the NDP priorities in both their strategy documents and through their programming, their involvement in the preparation of the first NDP was limited.

For several Development Partners, including the UN, alignment and joint programming is a core emphasis in bid for promoting cost effective and coherent development support. To this end the UN will for example be utilizing the second NDP analysis and the NDP document itself to inform its programming. We therefore have a shared interest in a strong and inclusive NDP, and we welcome the National Planning Authority’s strong commitment to engage with Development Partners both through sector working groups and through consultations with the Local Development Partners’ Group.

Uganda and its main Development Partners are signatories to the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, the Accra Agenda for Action, and the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, all of which aim at promoting effective development cooperation through ownership, alignment, harmonization, managing for results and mutual accountability. It is important that the Government and Development Partners accord critical thought around the central objectives of these principles on aid effectiveness so as to enable the harnessing of an effective partnership within the context of the second NDP.

At the global level, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been central in directing mechanisms for addressing the world’s most pressing problems.  The MDGs have indeed been useful in mobilizing resources for a common development agenda, with their deadline fast approaching, discussions are already going on to link the NDP II discussions around the post 2015 agenda.

A key lesson for the NDP2 in relation to the MDG principle and the overall global development agenda, is that joint programming and planning is a key positive force in mobilizing for, and influencing the realisation of the second NDP.

Its therefore important that Development Partners be more closely engaged in the preparation and implementation of the second NDP than was the case during the first so as to facilitate detailed discussions on expectations about the way in which development cooperation and support should be aligned with the national priorities with emphasis on long term planning, anchoring on the “Vision 2040.”

Bearing in mind the findings of the MTR and the Partnership Policy, the UN, after it has been approached by the National Planning Authority on how the second NDP was being designed felt it was critical to have an analytical study on partnerships and how these could be made effective within the context of the NDP. As such the analytical study on the role of the non-state actors was conceptualised.

It is our utmost expectation that the results of this consultation together with those of other key stakeholders will help in informing, anticipating and providing opinions on how relations and partnerships can be strengthened in the second NDP process starting from the preparation and through to the implementation stages.

I thank National Planning Authority for organising this consultation meeting and I look forward to very fruitful discussions during the course of this afternoon.

Thank you for your attention.

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