How do we work?

Learning is at the heart of Innovation-AccLab Uganda. Our iterative methodology consists of four stages: sense, explore, test and grow. Each phase comes with key questions and results. Each phase is understood through our toolkits. 

Our toolkit includes: Collective intelligence, sensemaking, human centered design, systems thinking, design thinking, behavioural insights, innovation clinics, trends analysis, futures/ foresight frameworks, digital tech, prototyping, rapid control trials, policy experimentation, data analytics and more.

We are also proudly supported by our knowledge partners including Nesta, a UK institution specialised in collective intelligence, and the Lead User Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US.

Who do we work with?

Innovation-AccLab Uganda supports the UNDP Uganda’s projects and programmes in developing local innovative solutions. The team will also be available to work in developing innovative solutions for development for government, development partners, UN agencies and private sector partners upon request. 

How can you reach us?

Building a local network is critical for the Lab to disseminate and share learnings. We are keen to hear from you. Attend our invitation to consultations and our Launch event to provide us feedback on how we can improve our protocols. Or, you can also simply write to any of our team members below.

Deborah Naatujuna

Head of Exploration

Accelerator Lab - Uganda

Has an MSc in Computer Science and  a BSc with Education in Mathematics. Deborah has great experience working in the  innovation ecosystem and  has been deeply involved in the  innovation management process, incubation, scaling, business acceleration, skilling, partnership building for entrepreneurs and  innovation hubs.  Proudest moment, personally and professionally:

Personally is when I had  my first child  and  Professionally is when I was invited and  I spoke at the  Annual Technical Convening (TechCon2016) co-hosted by the  U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and  the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at MIT, Boston - USA on the  “Role of University Incubators and  innovation prizes in shaping the  next  generation of Entrepreneurs.

Favourite quote:

“If you want to go quickly,  go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  African proverb

Berna Mugema

Head of  Experimentation

Accelerator Lab Kampala

Is a highly motivated professional with an MBA (Cyprus), BSc. Electrical Engineering (Hons), CCNA, CCFFS. Also, an innovation enthusiast interested in unveiling the potential that constantly evolving ICTs have in improving social service delivery.

Proudest moment:

Receiving MBA and accolades for Exceptional performance of the DATA Network, AIRTEL Uganda.

Favourite quote:

There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your  unique story, in using your authentic voice. And there’s grace in being willing  to know and hear others”

Hadijah Nabbale

Head of Solutions Mapping

Accelerator Lab Kampala

Is an ambitious professional with progressive experience in Programme/Project Management, Communication, Journalism, Coordination and Humanitarian development nexus. She  has a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management, an MA in Peace, Security and Development, BA in Mass Communications (Hons). Has worked with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC TV), DW TV Zambia and UNDP.

Proudest moment:

When I got 2 jobs  at once! Both  with UN Agencies, and I chose Head of Solution Mapping, UNDP AccLab!.

Favourite quote:

“Love never fails.”  Apostle Paul’s letter  to the Corinthians

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