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UNDP etches monumental piece of Uganda’s rich heritage

What does the eclipse of the sun have to do with an advancing caravan of a traditional ruler, returning from an expedition; with his spear-wielding fighters and labourers in tow? For Uganda, this was…  

UNDP, Italy and Catholic Church partner to promote Karamoja as a biosphere site

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has partnered with the government of Italy and the Catholic Church for a project to conserve biodiversity around Mount Moroto and promote nature-based…  

COVID-19: WHO, UNICEF and UNDP Partner to give Real Time Health Information

New York - WhatsApp today announced the launch of two initiatives in support of the global fight against the Coronavirus pandemic: the global launch of the WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub in…  

UN launches world’s biggest survey of public opinion on climate change

The Mission 1.5 campaign aims to give 20 million people around the world the opportunity to have their say on ways to limit climate change that they want to see adopted by government leaders.  

Communities in and around forests share insights on living in harmony with nature

The UNDP Uganda Accelerator lab team trekked forests in Central, Eastern and Western Uganda to observe how people live in harmony with nature and identify homegrown solutions.  

Climate change, education, technology could fuel more inequalities – UNDP report

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has since 1990 been producing the Human Development Report and its Human Development Index, which rank all countries in the world by their level of…  

Garnering Solutions to Deforestation and Depletion of Forests in Uganda

The UNDP Uganda Accelerator Lab is now a custodian of interesting and diverse interventions developed by citizens; Government, private sector, individuals, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs),…  

Accelerator Lab Uganda renews debate to save Uganda’s disappearing forests

The initial focus of the UNDP Accelerator Lab Uganda launched on November 23rd, 2019 is to explore innovative solutions to tackle the leading drivers of deforestation  

Govt urged to invest in people as UNDP-NPA dialogue series on 3rd National Development Plan start

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the National Planning Authority (NPA) have organized five breakfast policy series on the third National Development Plan to inform…  

UNDP Uganda Representative presents credentials to Gov’t

New UNDP Uganda Representative presents credentials to Gov’t  

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