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Leaders pledge climate action support as Uganda hosts 2021 Africa Climate Week

Global leaders at the 2021 Africa Climate Week have pledged their increased support to climate action initiatives to mitigate the environmental crisis that the world and Africa faces.  

Roadmap for the implementation of the SDGs in Uganda 2020/21 – 2024/25

For holistic approaches that embed greater stakeholder engagement-UNDP, supported the Government of Uganda to undertake an exercise to review the coordination framework and roadmap, based on findings…  

Guest Blog: International Youth Day

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, with 78% of the country being under the age of 30. What’s more, in the next 20 years the world’s population is projected to increase by a…  

UNDP Supports Uganda Feed Her People, Conserve Ecosystems

Zero hunger! The rallying call for both developed and developing nations is to forge a global partnership and end the deprivation of enough and nutritious food, to all the people of the world.  

UNDP Initiatives for Youth in Uganda

UNDP is currently undertaking several initiatives designed to empower the youth of Uganda, with skilling, innovation and entrepreneurship serving as catalysts to enable UNDP’s broader development…  

UNDP Uganda 2020 Annual Report

UNDP Uganda's 2020 Annual Report, titled "Standing with Uganda to Build Forward Better Together in the Face of COVID-19"  

Strengthening Uganda's Emergency Response and Recovery to COVID-19

In partnership with the National Emergency Coordination and Operation Center (NECOC) and with the financial support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNDP have begun efforts to support the…  

Uganda’s New Industrial Policy, 2020

The Government of Uganda recently launched a new National Industrial Policy designed to spur industrial development, economic transformation and guide its industrialization, employment and wealth…  

Digital X and Accelerator Lab scale e-commerce in Uganda

As the world experiences new and complex challenges, many organizations are scrambling to innovate workable and appropriate solutions that not only make business sense but also have a positive social…  

Youth IDEAthon

The Youth IDEAthon presents an entry-level opportunity that helps to unearth and nurture creative early-stage and start-up ideas that can eventually feed into the Youth4Business pipeline and become…  

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