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About the United Nations in Uganda
  • Uganda became a member of the United Nations in 1963. For the past five decades the United Nations through its various agencies, programmes, funds and entities has worked in partnership with and supported the Government of Uganda towards achieving its development goals.
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United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Uganda (2016-2020)

12 Jun 2015

The United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Uganda (UNDAF) is aligned to both the medium and long term National Development Plans (2015/2019 and Vision 2040) whose goal is to transform Uganda from a largely peasant and low income country to a competitive upper middle income economy by 2040.


UNDAF 2016/2020 is focused on achieving transformative results in the areas of Governance, Human Capital Development and Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development. It is anchored on a theory of change that positions good governance as the pre-condition for achieving quality human capital, which in turn drives sustainable and inclusive economic development.


Based on twelve outcomes, the UNDAF will provide mainly upstream support and adopt a Delivering As One modality to better leverage the strength, resources and expertise of the UN Country Team.


Approximately US$ 954.3million will be needed over the course of the UNDAF, which will be operationalised through strategic result groups led by Heads of Agencies responsible for driving joint planning, monitoring, and reporting of results.

Key Highlights

  • Framework is consistent with Vision 2040 which prioritises good governance as the backbone for transformation agenda.
  • New technologies and approaches to be prioritized alongside global best practice including South-South and triangular cooperation.
  • Good Governance to be achieved by end of 2020 to lay foundation for Human Capital Development to be realised by end of 2025, and Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development by end of 2035, ahead of 2040.
  • UNDAF premised on a renewed UN strategic focus under the Delivering As One (DaO) initiative.

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