The Development of Inclusive Markets in Tourism

What the project is about?

 A topi & impala in Lake Mburo National Park. Tourism is fast becoming one of Uganda's highest revenue earners as well as creating employment for thousands of citizens (Photo: UNDP Uganda/Mathias Mugisha 2012).

The importance of tourism to Uganda’s economic growth speaks for itself in the increasing number of visiting tourists every year, and, the rise in expenditure by foreign tourists in the country. The Development of Inclusive Markets in Tourism project aims not only to boost this growth but also increase the participation of poor and rural communities in tourism related income-generating. There has already been a massive leap in the amounts of tourism-generated revenue that has been shared with communities living near tourism hotspots like National Game parks or forest reserves.  That figure more than quadrupled from UShs264,971,125 in 2010 to UShs1,089,195,275 in 2011.

Although that is a top-down setup, where the Ugandan Wildlife Authority shares some of the revenue it makes with surrounding areas, the project goes further to encourage active rural community participation in creating businesses and goods and services to serve tourism related needs.

The project then focuses on creating market linkages for the tourism enterprises that have been set up by the rural communities. This includes connecting local tour operators with international tour operators or, linking hotels with producers of local foods and tourism-related products like crafts, in their vicinity. Local communities are then trained and equipped with skills on tourism-centred customer care to enable them provide quality services to tourists.

Uganda Tourism Board is implementing this project. The project is being  implemented in collaboration with other institutions and stakeholders supporting the tourism industry in Uganda such as UN WTO, World Bank, USAID, UNCTAD, and ITC as well as local and international and private sector players in the tourism sector in Uganda.


 THe following are the projects achievements so far

  1. A value chain analysis along the tourism chain of production has been done and mapped.
  2. Linkages created between established companies and local tourism related SMEs, for example, Mweya Safari Lodge has been linked with local food producers in the nearby community.
  3. Capacity building of UTB staff, hotel operators and Ministry of Tourism officials on provision of quality services and customer care.
  4. Making of a tourism documentary to market Uganda’s tourism

Who finances it

This project is funded UNDP core resources to a tune of USD 1,250,000.

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