Improving Policies and Regulations to Support Development of Markets in Tourism

What is the project about?

 Improving the existing policies and regulations on the tourism sector in Uganda will be key for bringing in more visitors, who will in turn boost the economy. (UNDP Uganda 2011)

Tourism has become a key sector for Uganda’s economic growth especially as the number of visitors to the country and their expenditure while here increases.  

To ensure long term benefits to the country and its economy, the Government of Uganda with support from UNDP is working to improve the existing policies and regulations on tourism.The Improving Policies and Regulations to Support Development of Markets in Tourism project is already providing support for;

  • the revision of the National Tourism Policy (2003) so that it is well aligned with the National Development Plan priorities while taking into account the current national and global tourism context;
  • Preparation of the National Tourism Strategy and Master Plan;
  • Development of regulations that will operationalise the Tourism Act (2008). This is expected to contribute to significant improvements in the legal and policy environment in the tourism industry which will enhance the performance and growth of the tourism sector.

The project will also train key officials in the ministries of tourism and local government, which will contribute to better quality of service delivery as well as performance of institutions in the tourism industry. This, it is hoped, will attract higher volumes of tourists, and better performance and adherence to standards by the tourism service providers.

This project is being implemented by the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage (MTWH), while UN- World Tourism Organisation (WT)) will provide technical support.


Over the few months of implementation, the project has already;

  • Started work on the revision of the outdated National Tourism Policy (2003). A final draft of the revised policy has been submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage for onward forwarding to cabinet for consideration.
  • A Tourism Master Plan to guide development of the sector in Uganda is in the design procross and will completed by October 2013
  • A communication strategy for the sector is being formulated and is to be complete by September, 2013

Who finances it

The three year project (2012 – 2014) is funded from UNDP core resources to a tune of USD 1,099,000.  

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