Strengthening Institutional Framework for Service Delivery

What is the project about?

 Handing over equipment to the National Planning Authority as part of the strengthening their capacity to deliver services (UNDP Uganda/2012)

Before 1992, most decisions were made at the Central Government level, making it difficult to provide services all the way to the grass roots. Government therefore introduced a decentralisation policy to enable citizens to have more say in determining their affairs and to improve on the provision of services.

There, however, are still significant institutional and operational constraints in delivery of services at the decentralised level.  These include, conflicting policy, legal and regulatory framework; inadequate capacity by the local governments to deliver their mandates; weak private sector capacity as well as poorly developed partnerships between the public and private sector in service delivery and limited focus by local governments on activities that promote local economic development and growth - all hindering effective delivery of services. 

The 3 year project with a budget of USD 3,802,500 is contributing to developing capacities of Local Governments (LG) to deliver accountable, inclusive and demand driven social economic services.

Project Objectives

The project's objectives include;

  1. Strengthening the legal policy and administrative frameworks for Local Government (LG) service delivery, planning and management.
  2. Enhancing national and LG capacity for service delivery.
  3. Developing and implementing public private partnership framework for enhancing service delivery in LGs.
  4. Supporting the institutionalization of Gender Equitable Local Economic Development at national and local level, including post conflict LGs.


The project's accomplishments so far, include;

  • Provision of equipment such as desktop computers, printers, GPS, Plotters and solar kits to help selected local governments' planning and budgeting processes.
  • Training of local government officials to improve on their performance in service delivery.




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