Alt text for imageA member of the Pajule Farmers Marketing Association, registers the names and number of rice sacks brought to the Payero millers plant. UNDP linked the farmers in Kitgum district, Northern Uganda to the privately owned milling plant, which buys their produce and stores it hence a guaranteed market for the farmers. (UNDP Uganda/Matthias Mugisha 2013).

UNDP's Sustainable, Inclusive Economic Development portfolio will focus on strengthening capacities in two main areas, these include;

The Climate Change Response and Disaster Risk Reduction Programme: To support national efforts aimed at addressing these in time, the United Nations Development Programme’s Climate Change Response and Disaster Risk Reduction Programme has been developed to focus on promoting climate resilient development. The programme will put emphasis on suppressing climate and disaster stresses on the economy by increasing capacity of selected communities to manage Climate change as well as natural disasters. This will be through;

- Integrating Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in government policies and legal frameworks;

- Promoting policy implementation, planning, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation

- Increasing capacities for adoption and adaptation of emerging technologies to combat climate change and disaster.

- Empowering citizens to engage more in climate change mitigation.

Inclusive Green Growth: The objective UNDP’s Inclusive Green Growth programme is to support government’s efforts natural resource managment as well as livelihoods and job creation. This will be achieved through building and expanding capacities in natural resource management, particularly among women and the younger generations, in a way that promotes entrepreneurship, livelihood and job creation. Under this portfolio, UNDP will advocate for;

- Improved livelihoods and expanded employment opportunities

- Increased capacity, and improved accountability for sustainable natural resources management;

- Empowered public and private sector institutions to effectively participate in East African regional peace and trade enhancement processes.

From a gender perspective, the SIED portfolio focuses on the following areas of intervention:

-Build capacities of women’s organisations in providing training, advisory services and business networking skills to women entrepreneurs.

-Increase women’s involvement in the design and implementation of programmes that promote decent green jobs and waged employment  

-  Harness women’s local knowledge to protect, sustain and manage the environment and natural resources

-Support government agencies to integrate the gender perspective into the design and implementation of climate change strategies, mitigation and adaptation plans.

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