The Youth IDEAthon presents an entry-level opportunity that helps to unearth and nurture creative early-stage and start-up ideas that can eventually feed into the Youth4Business pipeline and become the next generation of transformative, innovative and inclusive micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The IDEAthon seeks to attract socially committed youth with entrepreneurial aspirations as innovators and problem solvers in a hybrid interaction and collaborative process to develop and refine their ideas for products, services and solutions that help Uganda respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Youth IDEAthon is open to all disciplines, serving as a space for passionate youth across many priority sectors to exchange ideas and work collaboratively to develop solutions. With mentorship, incubation support and hundreds of millions of seed investment to be won, this initiative is organized to inspire, skill, build and accelerate ideas from youth in Uganda.

This initiative is designed to spur impact-driven entrepreneurship and engage enterprises in tackling unemployment among youth (defined in this call as all persons aged 18 to 35 years inclusive) by leveraging innovations in selected sectors to create jobs and livelihood opportunities, improve quality of people’s lives and provide access to affordable finance, products and services. The selected priority sectors for this call include:

·         Agriculture

·         Tourism

·         Manufacturing

·         Renewable Energy

·         Urban Development/Smart Cities

·         Information Technology

·         Creative Arts

·         Mining

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